Friday, 15 July 2011

Form 4 - Chapter 2 : Hooke's Law (Experiment)

The bigger the weight, the longer the spring extension

Aim of the experiment:

To determine the relationship between the weight and the spring extension


Weight of the load
Responding: Spring extension
Constant: Spring constant

Apparatus and Materials:
 Spring, pin, weights, plasticine, retort stand, metre rule



1. The apparatus is setup as shown in the diagram.
2. The length of the spring without any weights, l0 is measured using the metre rule with the pin as reference.
3. A 50 g weight is hung from the bottom of the spring. The new length of the spring, l is measured. The spring extension is l – l0.
4. Step 4 is repeated with weights 100 g, 150 g, 200 g, and 250 g.

Original length of spring = l0
 = __________ cm


A graph of spring extension, x against weight, F is plotted.


The x-F graph is a linear graph which passes through the origin. This shows that the
extension of the spring is directly proportional to the stretching force.


Hypothesis proven.

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