Monday, 27 June 2011

Form 4 - Chapter 2 : 2.9 Analysing Forces in Equilibrium Part 2

Part 1

Object in Equilibrium on an inclined Plane.

A book is at rest on an inclined plane. What are the forces acting on it?
The weight, W', of the book acting downwads and the normal reaction, R, acting on it by the inclined plane.
There is also frictional force, F', acting along the plane.

Why doesn't the book slide down.

The forces acting on the book are balanced. This can be shown by resolving the weight, W' of the object into two components, one along the inclined plane,F1 and the other perpendicular to the plane F2.

In this case, the component F1 is balanced by the frictional force, F' and the component F2 is balanced by the normal reaction, R.
The resultant force is zero and thus the forces are in equilibrium.

 W is resolved into two component forces, F1 and F2 which are perpendicular to each other.


If the weight of the book is 12 N and the angle between the inclined plane and the horizontal is 30o, calculate its frictional force, F'?

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